ImprovBoston’s Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a sketch and standup battle to the comedy death. Boston’s best indie sketch teams and local comics compete for a chance to showcase their talent. Battle Royale boasts a high energy, competitive format that’s as much fun as it is epic.
Alternating between Sketch Battles and StandUp Battles, these 9PM Saturday performances shine the spotlight on scripted comedy. Come be part of a comedy Battle so intense, the only sure winner each night is the audience.

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ImprovBoston’s Battle Royale Champions 2017
Sketch 22 has participated in not one, but two Battle Royale’s hosted by ImprovBoston, and has won not one, but two of the competitions (Winter 2017 and Summer 2017)! The sketch comedy troupe is used to performing hour-long shows, but here, they only have 20 minutes to win over the hearts of the audience. After each participating troupe has performed their set, the audiences’ hoots and hollers determine the winner of the battle. Battle Royale is a favorite for Sketch because it offers a different type of audience while also allowing the troupe to wiggle out of their comfort zone a little. Also, there’s some fun in dusting off well-loved sketches and bringing them back into the limelight for one last hurrah. Sketch 22 is looking forward to defending their title in future rumbles.